Spiced Apple-Rosemary Sparkler

Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating today! I don’t want to muck up your day with too many words and thoughts (I’m sure that’s better left to your great Aunt Bea) so I’ll keep it short and sweet – May you be thankful for all you have, eat and drink well and embrace those around you.

I leave you with a sparkly, festive cocktail that you can make with things many of you may already have on hand for the holidays. The combination of dry Prosecco and the sweet, warmly spiced and herbaceous syrup is heavenly. Save any leftover syrup to spoon into soda water or over oatmeal.

And as Corey Mintz reminded us in the NYT, the food is less important than the company and a little bit of graciousness. 

Spiced Apple-Rosemary Sparkler
makes approx. 4-6 cocktails

1/2 cup apple-rosemary syrup (recipe to follow)
1 bottle dry Prosecco
apple rounds, to garnish
rosemary sprig, to garnish

Fill 4 (or more) Champagne flutes with 2 tbsp (or more if you like it sweeter) of the apple-rosemary syrup. toss in a slice of apple and a small sprig of rosemary and top with prosecco.

Apple-Rosemary Syrup
makes approx. 1 cup

3 large apples (empire/cortland/macintosh), sliced thin or diced
2 sprigs rosemary
1 cinnamon stick (1/4 tsp ground)
2 whole cloves
1 2” piece lemon zest
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup water

Place all ingredients in a pan and bring to a boil without stirring. Turn down to a simmer, stir and let cook for 20-30 minutes or until everything is softened and syrupy. Strain into glass jar. Keeps for 2 weeks in the refrigerator.