Turkey For Every Occasion

Baharat Turkey, Zucchini & Hazelnut Salad with Feta

Someone told me that Spring was here….but I’m not so sure I believe them just yet. We had snow last week in Ottawa. Not a lot, but enough to make your heart sink a little deeper in your chest. Especially after a few days of stunning, sunny weather had us believing that it had finally arrived.

Though the weather isn’t screaming spring, I’ve been cooking lighter and fresher fare in hopes that it might will it to come back to us. This salad was made for Turkey Farmers of Canada. I’ve worked with them for a couple years now and am so happy to be a contributor to their campaigns and website. Before I started with TFC, I hardly ate turkey (save for the holidays). It’s given me every excuse to use more turkey in our day-to-day meals and even when I’m not working on projects for them, I find myself reaching for turkey instead of my previous chicken go-to. Versatile, healthy and easily sourced.

This salad combines boneless/skinless turkey breast with a savory crust of my favourite spice blend, baharat, with salty goat feta, raw crunchy strips of zucchini, roasted hazelnuts and lots of bright zing from a lemon-mint vinaigrette. The flavors were stuck in my head for a few days before it all came together and I’ve been obsessed ever since. This would be even better if you did the turkey on the grill.

Head on over to the Tasty Turkey website for the full recipe!

Baharat Turkey, Zucchini & Hazelnut Salad with Feta