KitchenAid® Torrent™ Blender GIVEAWAY!

KITCHENAID TORRENT GIVEAWAYI don’t often get to play with new toys in the kitchen. In fact, I’ve had the same blender for over 10 years… and it barely does it’s job. So when KitchenAid got in touch asking if I’d like a chance to play with the new KitchenAid Torrent Blender, I was IN. Like, really in. Really, really.
I may as well have skipped home with it from the Purolator pick-up. It was like Christmas. I tore the box open and heaved out the new appliance with enthusiasm of a rabid dog…which was no easy feat given it’s heft (which I love). I sat and inspected, pulled, poked and prodded at it’s shiny bits. And then, we got down to business.KITCHENAID TORRENT GIVEAWAYThis blender is the sh*t. For real. I was thinking it would probably blend things up pretty well, being new and from KitchenAid and all, but it surpassed all expectations. I made smoothies, soups and even almond butter and damn if it didn’t blend them all to the perfect consistency. The key to this blender is in the presets. Fill the bowl, lock it into the magnetic drive (it uses the same technology as an induction burner and blends using the power of magnets), push the pre-programmed Adapti-Blend settings (juice, soups/sauces, milkshakes/creamy drinks, icy beverages/smoothies) and walk away. The blender takes care of the rest. It starts slow, getting all those big bulky pieces into smaller more manageable ones, and then as the speed picks up you start seeing the true power of the Torrent. With jet-engine like power, it turns even the toughest chunks into silk. When making baby food, I prepared my fine-mesh sieve over a bowl to strain out any skins or extra bits that didn’t get blended (which is common with my usual blender) but as I pressed the mixture through the sieve I as surprised to find that there was really nothing left in there. SAY WHAT. Hardly a speck of spinach left over, nay a strawberry seed. Well I’ll be damned. From a chicken/rice/sweet potato baby food which blended the meat into the SILKIEST smooth mixture to an iced coffee that was so smooth and creamy. I had half a mind to just start throwing random items from the fridge into the Torrent in a “WILL IT BLEND?!” frenzy. The top cap, complete with measuring cup, allows you to add liquids and other ingredients in while you’re blending and the magnetic drive makes it easy to pop the bowl of the blender in and out, much like a coffee pot,  making it ideal to store under cabinets.Because the blades aren’t removable like most blenders, cleaning is a bit different. I found putting some warm soapy water into the bowl and blending on high speed cleaned it up perfectly. If you have a dishwasher, a quick rinse to remove any seeds or stuck-on residue and then into the dishwasher would likely tidy it up perfectly. Needless to say, this is a welcome addition to our kitchen. Especially as our baby approaches her solid-food stages and I’m becoming more and more invested in making her food myself. And the bowl is BPA free, to boot!


The Torrent is slick looking and combines style and functionality for those of us who like to display our appliances on the kitchen counter rather than stashed away under the cabinets. I’m looking forward to many loving years with my Torrent by my side.BUT THERE’S MORE! Because KitchenAid is amazing and wants you to be able to play with the Torrent too! One lucky winner will receive a KitchenAid® Torrent™ Magnetic Drive Blender (MSRP $599.99) in Sugar Pearl Silver, Onyx Black, or Candy Apple Red.
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WHAT WOULD YOU MAKE FIRST WITH YOUR KITCHENAID TORRENT BLENDER?Entries open through Thursday, September 3rd at 11:59pm. I’ll be selecting the winner via random number generator on the morning of the 4th. This giveaway is open to CANADIAN Residents only. Be sure to use the correct email address as I will be contacting the winner via email and if I don’t hear back within 48 hours, I’ll pick a new winner.

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1. FOLLOW thegoudalife + KitchenAid on Instagram
2. FOLLOW thegoudalife + KitchenAid on Twitter
3. LIKE thegoudalife + KitchenAid on FacebookAnd for the love of nothing, make something delicious when you win this baby! Below is a recipe for a fruity baby food/smoothie that we really enjoy in our house!

********************************************* THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED**************************************************KITCHENAID TORRENT GIVEAWAYStrawberry Mango Spinach and Oat Baby Food (/Smoothie)
makes approximately 4 cups baby food

1 cup fresh or frozen mango cubes
1 cup hulled strawberries
1 cup cooked oatmeal*
1 cup packed spinach leaves
1/4 cup water or milk (soy or cow)

Place all ingredients in the Kitchen Aid Torrent, set to the soup setting (I found this one really got things silky smooth) and press the start button. Walk away and let the Torrent do it’s thing! You’ll come back to a silky smooth baby food that barely needs straining, though I did just to be sure any leftover chunks would be taken out… there were none!*I cooked mine in both milk and in water and found both to work well for this. Use whatever your child likes best.