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edibles for stress and anxiety

7 Foods to Eat That Help With Stress and Anxiety

Due to its ability to increase one’s appetite, stress and anxiety often lead people to eat excessively or eat foods that aren’t so healthy for their bodies. Some of the common foods people eat when they are stressed include ice cream and cakes, cookies, and other ‘comfort foods.’ Canadian CBD edibles are also gaining traction to help with stress and anxiety.
These foods boost the body’s serotonin level, thereby causing the person to stay calm. They, however, have side effects that may drastically affect the body. What then should …


Best Food for the Lungs that can Lessen Vaping Side Effects

Many Industry leaders believe that vaping is much safer than smoking cigarettes. Although this is somewhat true, it is not 10% safer for your lungs. It is still responsible for delivering synthetic chemicals that can cause adverse side effects after some time.
Suppose you cannot give up vaping despite the potential negative side effects. In that case, you must make sure that you eat the best type of food that will help maintain your lung health. To know what exactly these foods are, continue reading this article.
Effects of Vaping
Before anything else, it’s…


Every Hero Mom Deserves These Amazing Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

We all hate the fact that we cannot celebrate Mother’s Day with our moms today during the height of the pandemic. It’s incredibly frustrating that we can only talk to her on Zoom rather than having a beautiful brunch date at home. Yet, it doesn’t mean you cannot bond with your moms for Mother’s Day.
So, for today’s #UniqueMothersDayBrunch recipes, we will have various brunch treats such as the following:…


Fifteen Online Cooking Classes that are Ideal as Mother’s Day Gifts

The best part about online cooking classes is the convenience of learning new cooking techniques, knowing more ways to chop vegetables, or even more advanced ways to mince, dice, and peel onion or garlic.
But what do we like best about them? It’s the fact that we can gift them to our moms on Mother’s Day, minus the wrapping and shipping hassles. Plus, it’s more than just letting them tune in to cooking channels. They are interactive lessons where moms can …