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Porcini & Peppercorn Rubbed Beef Tenderloin with Bourbon Cream Sauce

As a family of humble means, we don’t often eat buy premium cuts of beef like deliciously fat-marbled  rib roasts or melt-in-your-mouth tenderloin. We opt for chuck or sirloin, confident that a long, slow braise will break them down into the succulent, meaty heaven we’re after. But every so often we splurge on something special… […]

Rosemary-Horseradish Prime Rib with Salt and Malt Potatoes

I don’t know how we got here, but Christmas is mere sleeps away and I find myself in that same scramble I hit around December 21-22nd every year. Though I’ve prepped, cleaned, shopped and cooked I have a nagging feeling that I’m forgetting…well, everything. Tell me you’re in the nuthouse with me! If I’m thankful […]

Blend + Extend Campaign [SPONSORED]

I’ve been working with Mushrooms Canada for a few years now, and every time they approach me with a new campaign, I’m always inspired to get in the kitchen. Anytime we can save a few dollars in the kitchen I’m thrilled. I love stretching food as far as I can for meals during the week […]

Giving Up On Guilt [Pickle-Patty Melts]

The New Year. A speckless slate untarnished by bad decisions and weighing feelings. Our chance to start fresh and make the changes we didn’t get around to last year. Or maybe the new ones we’ve only just taken back to the drawing board.  I’ve decided, not that it’s a far stretch from years before, that […]

Heart & Home [Coconut Flank & Broccoli Salad with Peanuts and Basil]

I’m sorry… did I go to Mexico or was that just a sublime delusion?  I blinked and it was over. Days on days of burying my nose in My Berlin Kitchen, romancing over a life that wasn’t nearly mine, sipping piquante bloody mary’s or mojitos while observing a motley crew of intensely-hued tropical fish swim circles around […]

Get your vegetables out of here! [Beef Shoulder and Black Bean Chili stuffed Baked Potatoes]

I’m not crazy about chili. I don’t know why, but it’s not something that sets me off the way it seems to everyone else. Granted, I’ve been served plenty of chili that’s bland and flavorless, under-seasoned and made with pre-ground meat that doesn’t offer the tender, beefy texture a real chili should have.  While I’m sure some […]

Hangover Hero [Braised Brisket Ragu with Penne]

While many of you are spending your weekends busily cleaning house, running errands, driving kids from ballet to soccer, studying, working overtime or catching up on your reading, I’m suffering through a hangover from an overindulgent night spent with the best of friends. Or so was the case last weekend. We celebrated the inaugural issue […]

The Perfect Day [Classic Spaghetti & Meatballs]

Every so often, a day comes along where the weather is so perfect. And if you’re schedule permits, you get to enjoy this day the way beautiful fall days should be enjoyed.  That was yesterday. I had a quick latte to start the day off while I watched my stories (aka Regis & Kelly – […]

Pièce de Résistance [Classic Beef Bourguignon]

When I first started becoming more interested in cooking and food writing, around 2007, I assumed that if I could get my hands on a Le Creuset dutch oven, I would be able to cook anything. It is, afterall, the mother of all cookware in my mind. It’s always been my excuse for not trying certain recipes. “Oh, umm… well I […]

Coffee Up That Cow! [Coffee Braised Beef w Orange and Cinnamon]

I like coffee. I like it hot, I like it cold. I like it black, I like it creamy and sweet. I like it in a mug, I like it in a paper cup. I like it with breakfast, I like it with my pot roast. Wait. What? Coffee? Pot roast? Yes, you read correctly. I’m […]