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Lacto-Fermented Passion Fruit Soda

Since having a kid 2 years ago (2 years ago? whaaaat!), I’ve noticed that the amount of waste we make has, as it does with children, gone up. Some of this is unavoidable, but some of it has just become bad habit. Namely, the garbage situation in our home. Before Ruthie, I had things organized […]

A Warm Hug

Before the cold season sets in, and it always does despite my best efforts and komboucha guzzling, I wanted to create a hot toddy that housed all my favourite things. Succulent, woody maple syrup, oaky and rich rye whiskey, dark and roasty oatmeal stout, bright lemon and ginger to cut all the richness and just […]

To Melt. To Thaw. [Portered French Onion Soup with Île-aux-Grues Cheddar]

This recipe comes at just the right time. When our bodies are craving warmth and solace from the bitter cold. The mercury seems to be on a never ending nose dive into the 30 belows and as it makes it’s decent, our bones stiffen, muscles tighten and groan as we reluctantly emerge from our blanket-covered indentations on […]

On Beergaritas and Beerjitos [Guest Post from Katy Watts; beer aficionado]

You know I love a good beverage around these parts, right? Maybe more than I’d like to admit some days.  When it’s hot as it’s been all summer, the first thing I’m reaching for after a long day of work followed by a hot evening in the kitchen is an icy cold, frothy pint of […]

Eat Your Beer! [Brothers Beer Bistro; a review]

                               Wait! Don’t count us out yet!  The Ottawa dining scene has never been surrounded by such buoyant anticipation. The “city that fun forgot” is finally wagging an intrepid finger in the face of all the nay-sayers, starting first with a handful of admirable […]

Damned by Writers Block [Vegetarian Chili with Cinnamon Yogurt]

I haven’t been taking as much time to write lately. Of course, all the normal things that life brings with it tend to stand in the way, but this time it’s something different. Writers block. My head, knock on it as hard as I may, will not answer. Sometimes I wonder if it’s taken a […]

A Little Sunshine [Moules Frites with Aioli]

I have not come here to tell you about the rain. Really, I haven’t. I will save those rants until at least next week when you might have forgotten that it’s all I seem to be doing lately. Spring in Ottawa is usually on the wet side, but never as much as this year. I’ve […]