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Raspberry Smoothie Freezer Bark with Cereal & Granola

I wish I could say my kid was the sugary-cereal fiend in our house but that would be a bold faced lie. My husband has a thing for cereal. He has since he was a kid and I don’t think he’ll outgrow it anytime soon. I can only guess that my daughter will also have […]

Cake for Breakfast

The idea of a “breakfast cake” has been sounding most ideal to me these days as my cravings lean heavily to the sweeter side of things. When I spotted rhubarb in the market, I could almost taste the sweet and tangy flavours of a rhubarb breakfast cake. But what else? Whole wheat flour didn’t seem […]

On Oats and Mush

Oatmeal and I don’t much get along. I’m not usually bothered by textures; I love all the slimeys and the crunchys, the gritty and the smooth. But rolled oatmeal? Come on. You guys aren’t really serious about that stuff are you? YOU CAN’T BE. It looks like someone who has been sworn to a bland […]

Wholesome Oatmeal Barley Chocolate Chunk Cookies

We’ve been spending a lot of time hibernating at our new house, and not simply because of the harsh winter weather we’ve been dealt. We’re so happy and love our new space so much that I find it hard to rip myself away from it some days. Especially after breakfast.Each morning we peel back our […]

Blueberry Coconut Ginger Smoothie

Almost four months ago now, I laid awake in the gentle morning light and stirred for an impossibly long time in bed. My thoughts whipped around like a wind-blown bag. I waited for Allan to wake up so that I could finally put my thoughts to rest. At least for a few moments. From the […]

There Are Bagels At Hand

Montreal-Style Bagels

…with cream cheese and lox. …with fresh butter and kosher salt. …with avocado, lime and manchego. …with a fried egg and arugula. …with melted cheddar and a few drops of Worcestershire… …but that’s just me. What do you take on your bagel? I sooner ask that than what type of bagel you prefer to maw on since […]

Moving On

Today, I am celebrating. A fresh start, a new career, a life more focused on the things I love. It’s exciting and terrifying and makes me fell alive like only the threat of failing can.  Monday was my last day sitting at a desk. No more taking meetings, compiling reports and invoices, wearing itchy tights […]

My Ally

I can be difficult. Frequently moody, sour and callous. I can be anti-social (read: crusty), nit-picky, sharp-tongued and straight up cold at times. I would have to think twice about dating myself, let’s be clear on that.  Despite those flaws, I managed to find a man who loves me. He is the sunniest part of […]

You Need a Snack [Chewy Seed & Nut Granola Clusters]

I really love a snack. Mid-morning, mid-afternoon, midnight. The time matters little, I’m always fixed for a bite or two.  Having a couple of nutritious options around the house helps me make better decisions and get the most from my pecking, since it is so frequent. I spotted the recipe for these bars in the current (January […]

Worth the Heat [Individual Coconut Saskatoon Berry Baked Oatmeal]

We’ve been battling the heat like mad the past few weeks. Minimal movements, a lot of moaning and groaning and rolling around on the cold tile floors, a lot of sparkling water with crushed ice and lemon, and only a teensy amount of cooking. We’ve more or less been living on chop salads, hummus bowls […]