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Goat Butter Rough Puff Pastry + Ginger-Cardamom Morning Buns

We don’t celebrate Valentines Day in our house. That isn’t because our immaculate love transcends Hallmark Holidays or because we reek of pretentiousness and manage to romance each other every day so we don’t need a special day that tells us to do it. If I’m being honest, it’s because we don’t really care. Because […]

On Oats and Mush

Oatmeal and I don’t much get along. I’m not usually bothered by textures; I love all the slimeys and the crunchys, the gritty and the smooth. But rolled oatmeal? Come on. You guys aren’t really serious about that stuff are you? YOU CAN’T BE. It looks like someone who has been sworn to a bland […]

It Happened. [Spiced Coconut Barley with Pistachios and Maple]

It happened.  After years and years of taunting the stomach flu by eating every single questionable, 40 seconds over the 5 second rule, maybe-sort-of-moldy and definitely expired ingredient in my house, I paid. A nasty old stomach flu that struck me like boot in the face. All kinds of nastiness ensued and my appetite hid […]