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Charcuterie & Pickle Skewers + Apple Shallot & Apricot Chutney

The Holiday snacking table is one of my very favourite spots to hang out. It’s where the action happens – the good conversation, the sparkly cocktails and of course, the food.  I can spot a charcuterie or cheese board from a mile away – it draws me in like a laser beam. When all else […]

Corn Battered Pimento Jalapeno Poppers

The older we get the more our precious time at home, together a family, matters. Whether we’re dancing to Robyn’s Dancing On My Own (which Ruthie used to dance to while we were sharing a body), sitting around the table painting or taking the sled for a spin around the block, we realize these moments […]

Blackberry Basil Sticky Buns with Goats Cheese Icing

Blackberry Basil Sticky Buns with Goats Cheese Icing

A few weeks ago, while we were waiting for all the little bits and pieces in the Seed to Sausage shop to come together, we decided to take a leisurely field trip out to a cheese producer we’re hoping to carry in-store. The winding, potholed roads and rolling hills, still speckled with white from the […]

Moving On

Today, I am celebrating. A fresh start, a new career, a life more focused on the things I love. It’s exciting and terrifying and makes me fell alive like only the threat of failing can.  Monday was my last day sitting at a desk. No more taking meetings, compiling reports and invoices, wearing itchy tights […]

Cheese Making, Vacation Taking [Marinated Lemon-Za’atar Labneh]

Doesn’t the idea of making your own cheese make you all sweaty and agitated and overwhelmed? No? Maybe it’s just me. I’m planning to set aside more time to experiment this year. With any luck, I’ll be a seasoned vet in the art of Burrata, Curds, Mozzarella and maybe another few. I’m starting off simple, […]

Giving Up On Guilt [Pickle-Patty Melts]

The New Year. A speckless slate untarnished by bad decisions and weighing feelings. Our chance to start fresh and make the changes we didn’t get around to last year. Or maybe the new ones we’ve only just taken back to the drawing board.  I’ve decided, not that it’s a far stretch from years before, that […]

Help a Potato Ball Out [Mushroom-Potato Balls with Romano & Walnut Crumbs]

If you’re looking for a little last-minute appetizer to bring along to your celebrations next week, these simple but wonderfully flavorful potato-mushroom balls with nutty walnut and Romano crumbs mentioned that they might like to join you over the holidays. Won’t you bring them with you? All they want for Christmas is to be devoured […]

Farmers Feast #3 [Warm Caramelized Corn, Shiro Plum & Patty Pan Salad]

Another month, another Farmers Feast.  This time, it was all about the corn. The beautiful, golden yellow and satisfyingly sweet corn. With the recent drought still causing uncertainty and stress for our farmers, I worried that I might not get the opportunity to go about my usual late-summer addiction to the succulent golden beauties.  Imagine my sheer elation […]

For the Love of All Things Sweet and Creamy [Homemade Ricotta with Roasted Hazelnuts, Plums, Honey and Mint]

“Homemade salsa? Homemade cheese? Homemade spice blends? Homemade sauces? Who has the time?” Or so I thought. Until I really started cooking for myself, the idea of making my own items that I could otherwise buy in jars  or deli counters just didn’t make any sense to me. Why would I bother when someone else […]

Boyfriend Woo’ing 101

Today’s entry is for the ladies or gentlemen who have partners with refined palates (read: kinda/sorta/maybe a little picky. But don’t tell them that….they don’t like knowing they’re picky). The one who cringes at the thought of a Brussels sprout, a dash of hot sauce, or a pinch of curry powder. And who rolls their eyes at the […]