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Creamy Coconut Lentils with Caramelized Onion and FennelA Lack of Colour

I’ve been feeling heavily uninspired in the kitchen lately. We’ve been eating a lot of pasta, a lot of Marcella Hazan’s 3 ingredient tomato sauce on top of said pasta, a lot of bread-based meals and boring grains. Whether it’s the grey cast days we’ve been having lately or the general lack of colour in […]

life is good, I am happy

Sweet jeeze and peas. I’m back…. or am I? It’s been a long time. After my last post, as I struggled my way through post-partum depression/anxiety, I realized I needed to put all my focus on my family and my health and let everything else fall to the wayside. It’s been hard finding my way […]

Eviction Notice

This lassi had a job. It didn’t do it very well. After hearing from so many people that a natural labour inducer was, among other things (shwing!), plenty of spicy food and pineapple, I decided I would combine the two and cross my fingers and wait. And wait. For something to happen. Nothing happened. Like […]

Warm Coconut Milk with Hazelnuts, Honey & Bourbon

Eggnog. You did one of two things when you read that. You were either reminded of delicious holiday memories filled with family and boozy (or booze-free, if such a thing exists) thick eggnog. Alternatively, and like me, you retched a little in your mouth. There is no in between with the raw, egg-heavy concoction. You love […]

Putting the Excitement Back into Curry [Coconut Red Curry Pork with Thai Eggplant, Snap Peas & Enoki Mushrooms]

It’s funny how you get stuck in a funk with certain recipes in your weekly (monthly, yearly) routine.  There are a few things I make regularly that I’ve made the same way for so long, I don’t even think about them when I make them. And in making them without thinking, I often forget that everything can […]

Soup and Stories [Tom Kah Gai]

Let me first start by telling you my laptop mysteriously shut down just as I was about to click “post” on a completely finished entry. For a second I thought my heart might pound right through the vein in my neck. Luckily Allan made me some tea and I calmed down. Otherwise the Bronson nightcrew might have […]