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Warm Gooey Gut Feelings

Can you believe it’s almost here? Are the looming holidays causing your anxiety to spike and your excitement to stir? Us too. I love Christmas. LOVE it.  I live for that warm gooey feeling you get in your gut when you’re surrounded by good food and better people. I’m waiting, rather impatiently, for my 16 […]

Cake for Breakfast

The idea of a “breakfast cake” has been sounding most ideal to me these days as my cravings lean heavily to the sweeter side of things. When I spotted rhubarb in the market, I could almost taste the sweet and tangy flavours of a rhubarb breakfast cake. But what else? Whole wheat flour didn’t seem […]

Gone So Long

YOU GUYS. I’ve been thinking about this float for a MONTH. A whole month. Waiting until I was done the freelance projects I was working on, day dreaming about it, “will it be as pretty as I’m picturing?’ “will the flavours make sense without overpowering eachother?”, and I can safely say… Yes! It IS as […]

Blackberry Basil Sticky Buns with Goats Cheese Icing

Blackberry Basil Sticky Buns with Goats Cheese Icing

A few weeks ago, while we were waiting for all the little bits and pieces in the Seed to Sausage shop to come together, we decided to take a leisurely field trip out to a cheese producer we’re hoping to carry in-store. The winding, potholed roads and rolling hills, still speckled with white from the […]

To Warm Our Tummies

Roasted Pear and Apple Sauce with Whiskey and Brown Butter

Our tummies have been craving warmth lately. Bowls of soup so scorching the billowing steam is almost opaque, cups of coffee that turn the tough skin of our fingers pink while cradling the mug from table to lips, spoon-hugging chili with a heavy-handed spatter of spice that causes the skin of my eyelids to sweat […]

The Whole Truth [Whole Wheat Double-Chocolate Avocado Muffins]

You may think to yourself, while sifting through these pages, that I probably fancy my health a whole lot and go to great lengths keeping my body filled with whole grains and healthy fats and proteins and vitamins and all those wonderful things.  That’s half true. The whole truth is that when things appear moderately healthy around […]

There I Stood [Rum-Spiked Caramel Apple Cobbler]

So there I stood. Apples in one hand, looking slightly worse for wear, and a jar of rum-spiked salted caramel, previously used for candy apples, in the other. I knew the two would go together, having just used them in combination, but I wanted to do something a bit different. Something special and unexpected.   […]

Oreo Misunderstandings [Whole Wheat Triple Chocolate Oreo Biscotti]

I’ve always been more of a savory girl. It’s not uncommon for me to opt out of dessert altogether in favor of a second heaping portion of dinner. My tongue belongs to the salts and savories. But lately, all I’ve wanted is Oreos.  It started when I made 6 dozen Oreo Cookies’n’Cream Cupcakes for Magpie […]

Tiny Rewards, Better Days [Cinnamon-Almond Butter Buns with Bittersweet Chocolate]

Some days require a pick me up and there’s no shame in allowing yourself a simple pleasure to help you navigate through the rest of your afternoon or evening with a smile on your face. Especially if that smile was brought on by the warm yeasty scent of freshly baked cinnamon buns.  I made these […]

On The Hunt for Simplicity [Vegan Mexican Chocolate Sorbet]

Most of the recipes on this here blog are come by organically. Whether it be a dish that tells a story of where I am at some point, a bundle of asparagus that moves me to do some research and make something new, or a particularly moving line in a book (My Berlin Kitchen, these […]