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The Dinner Rush

Dinner used to consume my thoughts through the day. What will we have? Where will I shop on the way home? Will Allan eat it? Will I want to photograph it? What’s everyone else making – maybe a little inspiration would help. Fast forward. We arrive home, exhausted, brains whirring from the day, both starving and […]

Oh, the Dramatics [Spicy Chickpea Salad Melts]

I’ve been struggling through the last few weeks.  Struggling to find sense and purpose in some days, feeling angry that I’m not where I thought I would be at this point in my life, crushing under the [self-induced] pressure of my late 20s (which, I know, is still very young and leaves plenty of time […]

Heart & Home [Coconut Flank & Broccoli Salad with Peanuts and Basil]

I’m sorry… did I go to Mexico or was that just a sublime delusion?  I blinked and it was over. Days on days of burying my nose in My Berlin Kitchen, romancing over a life that wasn’t nearly mine, sipping piquante bloody mary’s or mojitos while observing a motley crew of intensely-hued tropical fish swim circles around […]

Flying Away to Mexico [Chorizo & White Bean Stew]

YOU GUYS. This is my last post before I head to Riviera Maya, Mexico with my handsome man for a week of bun-sunning, toes-in-sanding, coconut-drinking, hammock-laying and maybe some tequila-drinking (FYI: “Maybe” means “absolutely, definitely, 100% a lot of tequila drinking”). We head there tomorrow morning and I haven’t quite had a chance to get […]

To Melt. To Thaw. [Portered French Onion Soup with Île-aux-Grues Cheddar]

This recipe comes at just the right time. When our bodies are craving warmth and solace from the bitter cold. The mercury seems to be on a never ending nose dive into the 30 belows and as it makes it’s decent, our bones stiffen, muscles tighten and groan as we reluctantly emerge from our blanket-covered indentations on […]

Bright and Happy [Lemon-Herb Wild Mushrooms with Israeli Couscous]

Resolutions? Not up in here.  I’m not much for them. Setting myself up to feel badly that I haven’t kept a promise made 12 months prior isn’t my idea of productive. That said, I do usually try to start a new year off on a healthier foot. This is mostly because I have eaten and […]

A Shift in Comfort [Chermoula Chicken with Toasted Almond Couscous & Coriander Yogurt]

And just like that, winter came. And liked us so much it decided to stay for 4 long months.  As the nipping air blows into town and we wrap our bones in layers over layers like flaky croissant dough around a piece of rich Swiss chocolate, I find myself feeling a constant power struggle in the kitchen. Comfort […]

The Busyness [Braised Lemon, Leek & Pancetta Beans on Toast]

When things get a little crazy, as they’ve been lately, I find myself constantly daydreaming of sitting at home with a big plate of comfort food, Mr GL and our animals at my side, with a good movie playing. My happy place is there, with them (and maybe a nice bottle of wine). With every […]

Baked Eggs Only [Southern Style Shakshouka]

I woke up last week with a hankering of the worst kind for eggs baked in marinara. Since then, I’ve made it such an obscene amount times I’m almost embarrassed to say. What’s that saying about moderation? Something about eating everything in excess? Or something? The fact that I wrote about another type of baked eggs a […]

Hangover Hero [Braised Brisket Ragu with Penne]

While many of you are spending your weekends busily cleaning house, running errands, driving kids from ballet to soccer, studying, working overtime or catching up on your reading, I’m suffering through a hangover from an overindulgent night spent with the best of friends. Or so was the case last weekend. We celebrated the inaugural issue […]