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Roasted Tomato & Garlic Crostini with Herbed White Bean Puree

Usually around this time of year I’m huffing and puffing about the heat and the sweat and the inability to get anything done as a direct result of the heat and the sweat. The only solution is to live off iced tea and popsicles… hardly an option with a toddler who is as interested in […]

Super Green Dip

  Back before we had Ruthie I imagined a world where she would sit, quiet and still, on the counter top watching diligently as I put together a recipe or meal. She would be absorbing everything I did, holding steadfastly to the memory of cooking with Mama when she was a little girl. We would […]

Taking Time [Baba Ghanoush Bowls with Pomegranate, Mint and Mozzarella]

My brains are taking a brief sabbatical today, taking time to decompress and enjoy the long weekend, but I wanted to share this recipe with you before I start melting into a sunny chair on the deck with a cold glass of riesling in hand and my best friend to my side.  I hope Sunday is […]

A Panicked Moment [Curry Roasted Cauliflower Dip/Spread]

Sometimes it’s the moments of panic that surprise you. The final 40 minutes before you head out the door to a friend’s house when you realize your tiny bowl of hummus and pita chips doesn’t look like much of an offering. And so you panic; repeatedly opening and closing the fridge, hoping something in there […]

Unfussy Dip-ables [Roasted Carrot-Cumin Hummus]

After months and months of thinking “Jeez, I’d really love to be part of a Supper Club…” I finally decided “Ok, I’ll start a Supper Club”. Waiting around for other people to plan things for you never did anyone any good now, did it?  Tonight is the first meet & greet of our little Centretown […]

If You Can’t Take the Heat – Grill! [Grilled Vegetable Flat Breads with Lemon Herb Ricotta Spread]

Whoooooeeeee. Ladies and gentlemen, it is a scorcher here in Ottawa. 30 degrees, sunny, and humid. And surprisingly, I’m loving it. No complaints from me (not to say there won’t be in the future. There will be. Lots. I promise) about this heat wave after weeks of dreary, wet weather. I’m only too happy to […]