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Tepache with Vanilla Bean and Ginger + Tepache Margarita

I have to preface this post with – I am neither scientest nor doctor. I use my kitchen as a science lab and have yet to die or blow anything up, so I think things are going well, but if you’re not comfortable fermenting at home please feel free to reach out to a professional […]

Lacto-Fermented Passion Fruit Soda

Since having a kid 2 years ago (2 years ago? whaaaat!), I’ve noticed that the amount of waste we make has, as it does with children, gone up. Some of this is unavoidable, but some of it has just become bad habit. Namely, the garbage situation in our home. Before Ruthie, I had things organized […]

Raising a Glass to Mama

I used to think I knew what it was to give all of myself. To dig deep and push harder, love more, be kinder, forgive more easily. And then I became a mother and realized that I had a lot more of myself tucked away, hiding in the shadows waiting to be summoned. Though I’m […]

Canadian Spirit

Clementine Collins

Filling our liquor cabinet with Canadian products has been something I’ve wanted to do for some time. Though we have some favourites that we simply can’t live without, like our beloved Kracken or Mount Gay Rum, it’s been deliciously fascinating tasting the best of what our national distillers have on offer. In the last two […]

Day Drunk in Pajamas [Blushing Bourbon]

There has been a hefty amount of luxuriating and reveling in our apartment the last month. First we were in a pre-vacation state of mine, assuring each other that it was totally OK to be checked-out [“we’re already on vacation!”]. Next, we were in Puerto Rico lazing about by the ocean, sipping white wine and […]

Farmers Feast 03: Tomatillo Margarita & Strawberry Beet Granita

WHOA FALL. When did you get here? Wasn’t it just August 1st?  This month’s Farmers Feast was set to come out mid-August but some events I was working on just took over and before I knew it we were in September.  I do love fall (endlessly), but I’m feeling a bit mournful about the end […]

Good for What Ails You [Spicy Bloody María + Slow-Roasted Tomato Vegetable Juice]

Good for what ails you. Or so I tell myself.  I’ve been known to turn to spicy tomato based drinks whenever I start feeling under the weather. Bloody Caesars are my standby, their endless substitution and ability to take on big flavours so well means I never tire of them. But bloody marys? Eh. Never […]

Moving and a Cocktail [The Victorian]

The Friday before a long weekend is always rough. I can feel the anxiousness in my muscles, twitching and squirming and trying to maintain composure. It feels almost like the last month before summer holiday when I was in elementary school.  We move next weekend and from tomorrow until next Saturday I will be buried […]

Getting Old Fashioned [Classic Old Fashioned with Brandied Cherries]

The holidays, while lovely and heart-warming and filled with good-intentions and niceness, sure can lead a woman to drink.  Admittedly, I’ve jump on the booze-boat sooner than usual this year. A jigger of this, a splash of that, a little citrus and some cinnamon; this is my nightly ritual. I promise I’m not getting completely […]

A Simple Sipper & A Birthday [Prosecco & Campari Aperitif]

There are things happening outside. Right now. Have you stopped to have a look?  A week or two ago, I was saying to Amanda, my best friend, that I was afraid if I didn’t stop to take a deep breath, and a long hard look at Spring, it would be August in a blink. For the first […]