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Roasted Tomato & Garlic Crostini with Herbed White Bean Puree

Usually around this time of year I’m huffing and puffing about the heat and the sweat and the inability to get anything done as a direct result of the heat and the sweat. The only solution is to live off iced tea and popsicles… hardly an option with a toddler who is as interested in […]

Bright and Happy [Lemon-Herb Wild Mushrooms with Israeli Couscous]

Resolutions? Not up in here.  I’m not much for them. Setting myself up to feel badly that I haven’t kept a promise made 12 months prior isn’t my idea of productive. That said, I do usually try to start a new year off on a healthier foot. This is mostly because I have eaten and […]

Dinner for One [Grilled BC Sardines with Lemon-Herb Oil]

Eating alone is something I’m familiar with. Something I’ve grown to love, to cherish.  It gives me the opportunity to cook the things that I know Mr GL doesn’t appreciate. A time to be selfish and create dishes that I want to eat. This usually means fish, sometimes beans, maybe something consisting entirely of vegetables. Or […]