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Corn Battered Pimento Jalapeno Poppers

The older we get the more our precious time at home, together a family, matters. Whether we’re dancing to Robyn’s Dancing On My Own (which Ruthie used to dance to while we were sharing a body), sitting around the table painting or taking the sled for a spin around the block, we realize these moments […]

The Sweet, The Sour and The Savoury [Charred Jalapeño, Kiwi & Cucumber Salsa]

Last week I bought 3 kiwis on a whim. I don’t typically buy kiwis. They sort of freak me out for some reason – all weird and fuzzy and electric green inside. It seems almost unnatural, though I realize it’s in it’s most natural form. I bought them with the intention of cutting them in […]

Finding Burgatory [Bison-Apple Burgers with Sage-Jalapeno Pesto & Smoked Blue Cheese]

Brace yourselves. I’m about to share something with you that I don’t divulge often. It’s something that is usually met with double-looks and wide eyes. Some conclude I’m crazy, others simply write me off as a friend. Are you ready for this? I don’t really love burgers.  [….I’ll wait for your eyes to return to normal size.]  Are […]

Buffalo Everything, Please! [Buffalo Chicken and Cambozola Rolls | Peanut/Jalapeno Slaw with Lime Aioli]

It happened again. I was sitting at my desk, working my way through a stack of files, when I decided to open Twitter and have a peek at what was going on in the world… or at least in the world of food, as my feed seems to report almost exclusively on that rather than […]

Welcome Back Bisque!

And I’m back. It took me two weeks but I made it. And It’s been a really busy two weeks. Not only did Hersch pass away, but Allan was gone for 11 days so I jam-packed my weeknights so as not to sit at home like a hermit, talking to myself (and the animals. and plants. […]