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In Season: Ontario Asparagus

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Loblaws Companies Inc.. All opinions are 100% mine. Vegetables at their peak – is anything more beautiful? I’m sure by now you’ve spotted vibrant bundles of Ontario asparagus lining the produce shelves of your grocery store. We can’t seem to get enough of it […]

In Season: Fiddlehead {sponsored}

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Loblaws Companies Inc.. All opinions are 100% mine. Sometime around mid-late April, the fronds of the Wild Ostrich Fern start to unfurl from beneath swamps, marshes and forests around New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec and make their way into the hands of keen foragers. […]

Everything is OK

My life is a living version of Groundhog Day. Each day inevitably starts at 3am, as I stir myself awake and realize all over again that a) there is a 400lb child in my stomach (ok, I have no idea what she weighs…but I’m certain it’s a lot) and b) she doesn’t want to come […]

Turkey For Every Occasion

Someone told me that Spring was here….but I’m not so sure I believe them just yet. We had snow last week in Ottawa. Not a lot, but enough to make your heart sink a little deeper in your chest. Especially after a few days of stunning, sunny weather had us believing that it had finally […]

A Warm Hug

Before the cold season sets in, and it always does despite my best efforts and komboucha guzzling, I wanted to create a hot toddy that housed all my favourite things. Succulent, woody maple syrup, oaky and rich rye whiskey, dark and roasty oatmeal stout, bright lemon and ginger to cut all the richness and just […]

Back to the Kitchen

…and we’re back. Sorry about that little sabbatical I took there. June was quite a month – moments of frustration and accomplishment, moments of sheer exhaustion tickled with exhileration, moments of bliss, love and shining happiness. It passed by so quickly but when I look back on it all, I can’t believe it was all crammed […]

Worth a Mess

I’ve had my fingers in a lot of bowls this week. Experimenting, creating and cleaning. Experimenting, eating, cleaning. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Eating, eating, eating.  I’ve been unduly fortunate to have a week to myself, to do with what I please. And what I please usually involves making a mess. Especially in the case of these […]

Making Way: A Reflection [The Bourbon Bastard – a cocktail]

And just like that, the tide of another year is to be washed out to sea, lost and forgotten. It couldn’t have been 365 days since we did this last. Some unknown force must be stealing our minutes, hours and days, tucking them away from us, time disappearing into itself. It can’t be that we’re […]

Get Your Grill On [Sponsored Post]

I recently developed some recipes for a killer campaign/eBook titled Get Your Grill On With Turkey & Mushrooms put on by Mushrooms Canada and Turkey Farmers of Canada.  A talented round-up of Canadian bloggers have been chopping and stirring away, tasked with creating two recipes each containing both mushrooms and turkey. I was pretty thrilled to be […]

Spicy Kale Ginger Lemonade

There is something ominous lurking around. A dirty, nasty cold/flu that seems to be knocking my friends and family out one by one. I woke yesterday with a sandpaper throat and what felt like two corks in my sinus’. Immediately I started trying to knock it out before it did me in. Water (a lot of water), […]