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Crispy Carnita Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins with Salsa Verde and Manchego

Fall has barely arrived here in Ottawa and I’m already buried in succulent braises, creamy, gut-hugging soups, slow roasted veggies and way too many apple-cinnamon dessert (if that’s possible?). These incredibly tasty stuffed sweet potato skins throw a nod to my favourite taco fillings from the summer while embracing the slow, hearty flavours that the […]

Guadalajara, Dawgs!

I have a lot to be thankful for when Father’s Day rolls around. Between my Dad, Allan’s Dad, my Step-Father and soon enough (!!!) Allan, there is certainly no shortage of fatherly love, advice, caring and support. To my dad, the man who taught me to be brave and kind, get dirty (as long as […]

Back to the Kitchen

…and we’re back. Sorry about that little sabbatical I took there. June was quite a month – moments of frustration and accomplishment, moments of sheer exhaustion tickled with exhileration, moments of bliss, love and shining happiness. It passed by so quickly but when I look back on it all, I can’t believe it was all crammed […]

Farmers Feast 03: Tomatillo Margarita & Strawberry Beet Granita

WHOA FALL. When did you get here? Wasn’t it just August 1st?  This month’s Farmers Feast was set to come out mid-August but some events I was working on just took over and before I knew it we were in September.  I do love fall (endlessly), but I’m feeling a bit mournful about the end […]

Natrel Organic [Creamy Avocado Grapefruit & Honey Ice Cream]

I’ve been working with Natrel on and off for the last little while on different campaigns they have going on. It’s one of those relationships I value highly because they are such a pleasure to work with and more than that, I love their products. We drink a lot of milk and coffee in our house […]

Desperately Seeking Sun [Ginger-Cilantro Margaritas]

I’m not usually so bitter towards winter.  We live in a city that inevitably gets 200cm (78”) or more of snowfall each season but come March, when we tend to get a day or two of teasing above zero weather, anger and frustration starts to set in after that warmth is quickly gusted away by […]

Seasonal Delicacies [Drunken Spot Prawn Ceviche Tostadas]

It’s been hot and steamy in Ottawa lately, and not in the sexy way, either. In the whine-endlessly-while-laying-in-a-starfish-on-the-hardwood-floors sort of way. I admit, I’ve been known to turn into a temper-tantrum-throwing 4 year old when the mercury rises above 28 degrees. I simply can’t handle our weather in Ontario some days. Most days. All the […]

A Change in Season [Bulgur & Chickpea Salad with Cranberries, Toasted Almonds + Cumin-Lime Vinaigrette]

Let me start by saying, I am speaking to you all from a seat on the balcony tonight! I know, I know, it’s only 14 in Ottawa, but colour me a season-pusher. I’m not in my shorts or anything. Or am I? (I’m not. I swear. Totally in jeans, a giant sweater and thinking about […]

So Fresh & So Clean [Strawberry-Mint Parfait with Cheesecake Cream and Lime Curd]

I’m turning into an old man. Have you noticed?  All I can seem to talk about lately is the weather. I want to talk about it all day long. And if I’m not talking about the weather, I’m talking about how I talk about the weather. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about it by […]