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Oh, the Dramatics [Spicy Chickpea Salad Melts]

I’ve been struggling through the last few weeks.  Struggling to find sense and purpose in some days, feeling angry that I’m not where I thought I would be at this point in my life, crushing under the [self-induced] pressure of my late 20s (which, I know, is still very young and leaves plenty of time […]

MacGyvering Lunch [Anchovy Butter Toast with Spicy Tomato Jam & Broccoli Rabe]

I always imagine what chef’s and other food writers eat when no one is looking, when their fridges are almost empty save for a bit of produce and pantry basics. In my mind, they use these few ingredients to whip up extravagant dishes, the way MacGyver might tunnel his way out of a sticky situation with […]

Bright and Happy [Lemon-Herb Wild Mushrooms with Israeli Couscous]

Resolutions? Not up in here.  I’m not much for them. Setting myself up to feel badly that I haven’t kept a promise made 12 months prior isn’t my idea of productive. That said, I do usually try to start a new year off on a healthier foot. This is mostly because I have eaten and […]

Sponsored Post + Giveaway! [Daly’s Express at the Westin Ottawa]

If you live in Ottawa, as I do, you know there is no shortage of soup or sandwiches in the downtown core. Whatever you do, and wherever you do it, there is a small to medium shop that sells the basics, and a few that even go far above and beyond the minestrone and ham […]

The Sale of Kale [Kale and Quinoa Pilaf with Grape Tomatoes]

My dad has taught me a lot of things.For instance; Sales are good. Sales in abundance – better. While this lesson is certainly valuable, my dear father had a bit of an obsessive sale problem. Upon finding 15 cans of beans in the cupboard, he’d simply look up from his newspaper and explain, “They were on sale.” […]

Pretend Hooky [Spaghetti with Roasted Asparagus and Tarragon Pesto]

It’s Monday and I’m playing hooky. Alright, you got me. I’m not playing hooky. I’m not brave enough to do things like that. In actuality, my office access card seems to be on the fritz so I was told I could just go home. Isn’t that wonderful? Lucky for me, I seem to have gotten […]

Do(ug)h!! [Shaved Asparagus Pizza]

I’m on a roll here, folks. Two dough recipes in less than 48 hours that actually turned out the way they were supposed to. I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m thinking about buying a lottery ticket. With the recent success of my pot-pie crust, which was flaky and tender and not at all […]

When Good Food Looks Bad [Rice and Smothered Cabbage Soup]

Dear Cabbage, I know we’ve had our share of problems in the past. You want to be a bigger part of my life, but you’re hard to stomach sometimes. I struggle with your waxy personality and bitter dispostion. If you want another shot with me, I suggest you mellow out and learn how to be softer and […]