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Crispy Carnita Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins with Salsa Verde and Manchego

Fall has barely arrived here in Ottawa and I’m already buried in succulent braises, creamy, gut-hugging soups, slow roasted veggies and way too many apple-cinnamon dessert (if that’s possible?). These incredibly tasty stuffed sweet potato skins throw a nod to my favourite taco fillings from the summer while embracing the slow, hearty flavours that the […]

The Dinner Rush

Dinner used to consume my thoughts through the day. What will we have? Where will I shop on the way home? Will Allan eat it? Will I want to photograph it? What’s everyone else making – maybe a little inspiration would help. Fast forward. We arrive home, exhausted, brains whirring from the day, both starving and […]

Baked Eggs Only [Southern Style Shakshouka]

I woke up last week with a hankering of the worst kind for eggs baked in marinara. Since then, I’ve made it such an obscene amount times I’m almost embarrassed to say. What’s that saying about moderation? Something about eating everything in excess? Or something? The fact that I wrote about another type of baked eggs a […]

Last Sigh of Summer | Farmers Feast #4 [Propeller ESB & Chipotle Braised Lamb Shank Tostadas]

I’m a season pusher. The crazy person wearing a wool sweater and heavy boots the second the mercury drops below 20 degrees. If it could be between +5 and +15 all year round, I’d be pleased as flaky apple pie (you know, because it would be apple season year round!)  I’m ready for fall and […]

Cinco de Mayo & Mexican Cuisine [Sopa Azteca with Cilantro Pesto]

You’ve got to hand it to the Mexicans; they can do food like nobody else. Better than the French (Désolé mes amis), better than the Spanish (Lo siento mis amigos) and better than the Italians (Spiacente miei amici)… at least as far as my gut is concerned. Their colourful plates are amass with vibrant produce, umpteen varieties of tongue […]

Eat with Your Hands [Michoacan-style Carnitas with Pickled Red Onions]

It’s infrequent that I wax poetic about meat. Save for Mr. GL’s dad’s BBQ Teriyaki t-bones and every so often, a good braised piece of meat, I eat a mostly vegetarian diet. It’s not by choice, but more out of convenience, I find.  Today, however, I come here with one thing on my mind. Carnitas. Meltingly tender, […]

Back to Life, Back to Burritos [Sweet Potato & Black Bean Burritos with Mexican Rice]

Oh crud, is it Tuesday already? The long weekend can’t possibly be over, can it? I feel like I blinked and it went from Thursday evening to Tuesday evening. But oh, what a tremendous weekend it was. (whatever guilt we had about eating and drinking to our hearts content during the weekend was quickly whisked away when […]