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Porcini & Peppercorn Rubbed Beef Tenderloin with Bourbon Cream Sauce

As a family of humble means, we don’t often eat buy premium cuts of beef like deliciously fat-marbled  rib roasts or melt-in-your-mouth tenderloin. We opt for chuck or sirloin, confident that a long, slow braise will break them down into the succulent, meaty heaven we’re after. But every so often we splurge on something special… […]

Help a Potato Ball Out [Mushroom-Potato Balls with Romano & Walnut Crumbs]

If you’re looking for a little last-minute appetizer to bring along to your celebrations next week, these simple but wonderfully flavorful potato-mushroom balls with nutty walnut and Romano crumbs mentioned that they might like to join you over the holidays. Won’t you bring them with you? All they want for Christmas is to be devoured […]

Saying Yes, Meaning No [Black Rice and Mushroom Burgers with Cucumber Garlic Yogurt]

I’m a yes girl.  Saying no has always been a task that stirred my anxiety (surprise, surprise). I don’t like to disappoint people and for some strange reason, saying no made me feel like I was letting someone down or hurting their feelings. It didn’t matter the invitation, I felt wholly obligated to say yes […]

The Mushroom Man [Local Wild Mushroom Fettuccine]

Through the years I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve been honoured to meet some truly fascinating, incredibly inspiring people. Farmers, chefs, home cooks, sommeliers, fellow bloggers, food-loving bon vivants and so many more. It’s been such a gratifying pleasure to find myself in the presence of those who are as moved by good food and drink as […]

A Lazy Weekend [Bucatini with Mushroom Ragu]

This past weekend was one of the first in a while Mr. GL and I had completely to ourselves. To do whatever we want, with whoever we want, at any time we wanted. I know we don’t have kids, and it’s weird to think that we don’t often have a lot of time spent like […]

We Be Ramen [Mushroom Ramen]

There is something so comforting about a steaming hot bowl of broth and noodles, isn’t there? I don’t indulge in Vietnamese, Thai or Chinese as often as I’d like and I can chalk it up to pure laziness. Once I’m through that front door after work, I’m home for the night. It takes me a matter of […]