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Whatever Works

Fixing dinner with a teething, growth-spurting, crawling-all-over-and-getting-into-everything, pulling-on-your-pant-leg 9 month old can be a challenge (every parent everywhere, “wait until she’s walking!”). Each morning I imagine the delicious meal I’ll shop for, prep and cook during the day but ultimately I end up eating a bowl of Lipton’s chicken noodle soup…. sometimes I might even […]

Blend + Extend Campaign [SPONSORED]

I’ve been working with Mushrooms Canada for a few years now, and every time they approach me with a new campaign, I’m always inspired to get in the kitchen. Anytime we can save a few dollars in the kitchen I’m thrilled. I love stretching food as far as I can for meals during the week […]

Falling Back

The evenings have been cool around these parts lately. We’ve dug out the heavy knit sweaters and I managed to find the slippers I tossed away like an empty carton of milk last April. It’s wild how quickly fall has nestled itself into our lives. I love it. The way the crisp air clears out […]

Comfort for Colder Days [Farmers Market Bibimbap]

It’s almost that time, guys.  Our sweaters button a little tighter, zippers up a little higher as the once-lush, green landscape becomes caped in a dull shade of brown as we wait for the snow to fall. Winter is coming. But not without one last harvest.  We wanted the last summer Farmer’s Feast to be […]

Get Your Grill On [Sponsored Post]

I recently developed some recipes for a killer campaign/eBook titled Get Your Grill On With Turkey & Mushrooms put on by Mushrooms Canada and Turkey Farmers of Canada.  A talented round-up of Canadian bloggers have been chopping and stirring away, tasked with creating two recipes each containing both mushrooms and turkey. I was pretty thrilled to be […]

Bright and Happy [Lemon-Herb Wild Mushrooms with Israeli Couscous]

Resolutions? Not up in here.  I’m not much for them. Setting myself up to feel badly that I haven’t kept a promise made 12 months prior isn’t my idea of productive. That said, I do usually try to start a new year off on a healthier foot. This is mostly because I have eaten and […]

The Mushroom Man [Local Wild Mushroom Fettuccine]

Through the years I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve been honoured to meet some truly fascinating, incredibly inspiring people. Farmers, chefs, home cooks, sommeliers, fellow bloggers, food-loving bon vivants and so many more. It’s been such a gratifying pleasure to find myself in the presence of those who are as moved by good food and drink as […]

Eating. Simply. [Cream of Mushroom Soup]

Every so often I need to be reminded.  That food is to be enjoyed, each bite relished in – not rushed through so I can edit photos and start writing. Meals are to be made because you want them – not because it’s been thismany days since you posted a recipe with thiskind of ingredient. […]

Fall time. My Time. [Polenta with Green Beans and Vermouth Sauteed Mushrooms with Thyme]

What a beautiful few weeks it’s been.  In the aftermath of a hectic month that’s included a whirlwind trip out East, baking for a wedding of 130, followed by sisters stunning wedding last weekend, came many nights of nothing. Nothing. We’re talking buns on couch, wine in hand, sweater wrapped snug around my midsection and toes locked in by […]

Pièce de Résistance [Classic Beef Bourguignon]

When I first started becoming more interested in cooking and food writing, around 2007, I assumed that if I could get my hands on a Le Creuset dutch oven, I would be able to cook anything. It is, afterall, the mother of all cookware in my mind. It’s always been my excuse for not trying certain recipes. “Oh, umm… well I […]