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Everything Bagel Rough Puff + Spinach and Sausage Rolls

My mum and I used to work in the same office (rather, she got me a job at her office fresh out of high school) and every Friday on our commute we would stop for bagels. I looked forward to it all week, no doubt because it also fell on a Friday, and that first […]

Goat Butter Rough Puff Pastry + Ginger-Cardamom Morning Buns

We don’t celebrate Valentines Day in our house. That isn’t because our immaculate love transcends Hallmark Holidays or because we reek of pretentiousness and manage to romance each other every day so we don’t need a special day that tells us to do it. If I’m being honest, it’s because we don’t really care. Because […]

Snack Time! [Homemade Pop Tarts]

You know that friend you had as a kid? The one with cupboard upon cupboard of cookies, chips, packaged foods, desserts and a freezer full of pizza, french fries, and chicken fingers? Yes, we all had that friend. But I was not that friend. In hindsight, it’s probably best that we didn’t have cupboards overflowing with salty, […]

Sheryl Crow & Comfort Food [Mustard Tarragon Chicken Pot Pie]

It’s 1996. I’m 10 years old. I’m sitting in the family room of the house I grew up in, watching the newly released music video for Sheryl Crow’s If It Makes You Happy. My older sister is sitting beside me while my parents rhyme off rules for the first time they leave us home alone. And we’re eating Swanson’s […]