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The Dinner Rush

Dinner used to consume my thoughts through the day. What will we have? Where will I shop on the way home? Will Allan eat it? Will I want to photograph it? What’s everyone else making – maybe a little inspiration would help. Fast forward. We arrive home, exhausted, brains whirring from the day, both starving and […]

Help a Potato Ball Out [Mushroom-Potato Balls with Romano & Walnut Crumbs]

If you’re looking for a little last-minute appetizer to bring along to your celebrations next week, these simple but wonderfully flavorful potato-mushroom balls with nutty walnut and Romano crumbs mentioned that they might like to join you over the holidays. Won’t you bring them with you? All they want for Christmas is to be devoured […]

Speedy Meatless Monday [Caramelized Fennel, Roasted Garlic and Tomato Soup with Lemon]

Spring may be inching closer, but that doesn’t mean the lingering chill in the air can’t be battled with a warm bowl of bright, fragrant soup.  Today’s meatless Monday dish has spent many cold, winter nights wrapping my bones in a blanket of steaming hot, vibrant red soup made rich with the addition of savory […]

MacGyvering Lunch [Anchovy Butter Toast with Spicy Tomato Jam & Broccoli Rabe]

I always imagine what chef’s and other food writers eat when no one is looking, when their fridges are almost empty save for a bit of produce and pantry basics. In my mind, they use these few ingredients to whip up extravagant dishes, the way MacGyver might tunnel his way out of a sticky situation with […]

Flying Away to Mexico [Chorizo & White Bean Stew]

YOU GUYS. This is my last post before I head to Riviera Maya, Mexico with my handsome man for a week of bun-sunning, toes-in-sanding, coconut-drinking, hammock-laying and maybe some tequila-drinking (FYI: “Maybe” means “absolutely, definitely, 100% a lot of tequila drinking”). We head there tomorrow morning and I haven’t quite had a chance to get […]

Hangover Hero [Braised Brisket Ragu with Penne]

While many of you are spending your weekends busily cleaning house, running errands, driving kids from ballet to soccer, studying, working overtime or catching up on your reading, I’m suffering through a hangover from an overindulgent night spent with the best of friends. Or so was the case last weekend. We celebrated the inaugural issue […]