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Honey-Thyme Roasted Pear Crostini with Borettane Onions + Brie

I am a big fan of contrasting flavours, finding that perfect balance between salty and sweet, vinegar and salt, fat and acid. When you bite into somthing that hits that harmony, all the tastes aligned, it’s heaven. If something is just sweet, I generally decline. But if it’s sweet with some acid or salt, I’m definitely going […]

Blueberry Coconut Ginger Smoothie

Almost four months ago now, I laid awake in the gentle morning light and stirred for an impossibly long time in bed. My thoughts whipped around like a wind-blown bag. I waited for Allan to wake up so that I could finally put my thoughts to rest. At least for a few moments. From the […]

You Need a Snack [Chewy Seed & Nut Granola Clusters]

I really love a snack. Mid-morning, mid-afternoon, midnight. The time matters little, I’m always fixed for a bite or two.  Having a couple of nutritious options around the house helps me make better decisions and get the most from my pecking, since it is so frequent. I spotted the recipe for these bars in the current (January […]

Little Puggish Nuts [Cocoa Hazelnut Granola with Sour Cherries]

I’ve always thought hazelnuts to be lavish and exotic. We never really ate them or had them laying around as kids, aside from the holidays when we’d receive boxes and boxes of gold foil-wrapped Ferraro Rocher chocolates with one smooth, crunchy hazelnut entombed in milk chocolate and dipped into more chocolate studded with chopped hazelnuts. Peeling away […]

A Panicked Moment [Curry Roasted Cauliflower Dip/Spread]

Sometimes it’s the moments of panic that surprise you. The final 40 minutes before you head out the door to a friend’s house when you realize your tiny bowl of hummus and pita chips doesn’t look like much of an offering. And so you panic; repeatedly opening and closing the fridge, hoping something in there […]

The Muffins That Changed the World [Sexy Bran Morning Muffins]

Ok, so maybe “changed the world” is a little over dramatic. But they certainly changed MY world. And continue to do so.  Breakfast was always very important in our family. You didn’t leave the house or start a day without it. Typically, there was cinnamon sugar on toast, cereal (only the occasional sugary variety), eggs on toast, […]

Unfussy Dip-ables [Roasted Carrot-Cumin Hummus]

After months and months of thinking “Jeez, I’d really love to be part of a Supper Club…” I finally decided “Ok, I’ll start a Supper Club”. Waiting around for other people to plan things for you never did anyone any good now, did it?  Tonight is the first meet & greet of our little Centretown […]

Snack Time! [Homemade Pop Tarts]

You know that friend you had as a kid? The one with cupboard upon cupboard of cookies, chips, packaged foods, desserts and a freezer full of pizza, french fries, and chicken fingers? Yes, we all had that friend. But I was not that friend. In hindsight, it’s probably best that we didn’t have cupboards overflowing with salty, […]

Snowy Weekend Snacks

Finally, Friday has come! And it’s brought with it some big fluffy flakes and cloudy skies. My favourite weather (ok, aside from cloudy fall days). It calls for hot chocolate, sleeping in, and cuddling. I wanted to share a quick snack recipe in case you were planning on taking advantage of this weather and staying […]

Same Old Same

 You’ll never guess what I have for you today. Not if your life depended on it. It’s just so unique to The Gouda Life.   ITS A SQUASH RECIPE. Can you even believe it? I hardly ever talk about squash. I don’t even like squash. I have no problem walking past the squash display. Even if the […]