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Everything Bagel Rough Puff + Spinach and Sausage Rolls

My mum and I used to work in the same office (rather, she got me a job at her office fresh out of high school) and every Friday on our commute we would stop for bagels. I looked forward to it all week, no doubt because it also fell on a Friday, and that first […]

KitchenAid® Torrent™ Blender GIVEAWAY!

I don’t often get to play with new toys in the kitchen. In fact, I’ve had the same blender for over 10 years… and it barely does it’s job. So when KitchenAid got in touch asking if I’d like a chance to play with the new KitchenAid Torrent Blender, I was IN. Like, really in. […]

Everything is OK

My life is a living version of Groundhog Day. Each day inevitably starts at 3am, as I stir myself awake and realize all over again that a) there is a 400lb child in my stomach (ok, I have no idea what she weighs…but I’m certain it’s a lot) and b) she doesn’t want to come […]

The Breakfast Curse [Aged Cheddar, Spinach & Arugula Strata]

It’s become blatantly obvious over the past few months that I have a terrible curse. One that affects not only myself, but whomever happens to be with me. A breakfast curse.  Ottawa has been gifted with many wonderful restaurants that serve creative and enticing brunch menus to the masses that show up from open to close on the […]

Unhealthy Obsessions, Healthy Meals [Spinach and Rice Gratin]

I had full intentions of coming on here tonight and writing out the Salted Butter Caramel ice cream recipe for you. I did. Scouts honour. Up until about 2pm, I had decided that I wasn’t going to cook dinner tonight, but instead have something easy, poached eggs on toast or salad, so I could relax and […]