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Crispy Carnita Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins with Salsa Verde and Manchego

Fall has barely arrived here in Ottawa and I’m already buried in succulent braises, creamy, gut-hugging soups, slow roasted veggies and way too many apple-cinnamon dessert (if that’s possible?). These incredibly tasty stuffed sweet potato skins throw a nod to my favourite taco fillings from the summer while embracing the slow, hearty flavours that the […]

15 Minutes to Dinner [Smokey Sausage, Kale & Sweet Potato Soup – *SPONSORED*]

“You always have the best dinners! I wish I had the time.” I hear this so many times. So, so many times. People tend to think I eat like a king most nights of the week. Big, extravagant meals that I’ve been pouring over for hours and planned for days. Get real, guys! I don’t […]

Damned by Writers Block [Vegetarian Chili with Cinnamon Yogurt]

I haven’t been taking as much time to write lately. Of course, all the normal things that life brings with it tend to stand in the way, but this time it’s something different. Writers block. My head, knock on it as hard as I may, will not answer. Sometimes I wonder if it’s taken a […]

Back to Life, Back to Burritos [Sweet Potato & Black Bean Burritos with Mexican Rice]

Oh crud, is it Tuesday already? The long weekend can’t possibly be over, can it? I feel like I blinked and it went from Thursday evening to Tuesday evening. But oh, what a tremendous weekend it was. (whatever guilt we had about eating and drinking to our hearts content during the weekend was quickly whisked away when […]

Simple Peasantries [Chipotle White Bean Stew with Sweet Potato & Kale]

I am a little neurotic. Have you noticed yet? You will. There are days where I will be sitting at my desk, mid-conversation with a coworker, and decide I need to eat [insert food item] tonight. And if I don’t, life as I know it will cease to exist. I quickly end the conversation (because we all […]

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Walnut-Blue Cheese Sauce

Do you ever feel like some foods are meant to be eaten on a date? I don’t mean fancy things like strawberries dipped in chocolate (yawn) or oysters (these are to be eaten with girlfriends. period) or fondue. Just very normal specific things that seem like they should be eaten somewhere nice, with a handsome […]

Welcome Back Bisque!

And I’m back. It took me two weeks but I made it. And It’s been a really busy two weeks. Not only did Hersch pass away, but Allan was gone for 11 days so I jam-packed my weeknights so as not to sit at home like a hermit, talking to myself (and the animals. and plants. […]

Spicy Sweet Po’tater & Peanut Butter Soup

OH HI! I remember you guys! I took a break from scone’ing last night to make a little soup. [and tell me – who doesn’t need a bowl or 5 of delicious warm soup in this awful frigid weather!] Allan came home after hearing about a sweet potato and peanut butter soup at work and wanted to see […]