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Building Leg & Glutes Endurance: Leg Strength & Cardio Workout

For the cardio and weight training workout enthusiasts, this workout routine will surely be to your liking. It’s perfect for traveling health enthusiasts because it only needs a bench or box and a place to run. It’s alternating cardio and lower body bodyweight exercise.
This workout aims to move throughout the entire routine with minimal rest times. It’s all about keeping yourself moving. Let’s start with …


20-minute Workout: Running & Dumbbells

This 20-minute workout only needs a treadmill or space enough to run and lift dumbbells. It consists of running that is paired with lunges, dumbbells clean and jerks, and burpees.
Before doing the routine, make sure you consult a fitness coach about taking this routine based on weight recommendations and scaling options.
Begin by setting the timer to 20 minutes and complete 200 runs, 48 lunges, 12 burpees, and 24…