Every Hero Mom Deserves These Amazing Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

We all hate the fact that we cannot celebrate Mother’s Day with our moms today during the height of the pandemic. It’s incredibly frustrating that we can only talk to her on Zoom rather than having a beautiful brunch date at home. Yet, it doesn’t mean you cannot bond with your moms for Mother’s Day.

So, for today’s #UniqueMothersDayBrunch recipes, we will have various brunch treats such as the following:

1. Cherry Muffins with Coconut Streusel

The sour cherry fillings and a good amount of coconut streusels make this muffin recipe a great replacement for the usual blueberry muffin.

2. Ham and Cheese English muffin 

A plate of eggs, cheesy ham, and an English muffin are truly fancy than just driving through an Egg McMuffin.

3. Mixed Berry Trifle

Already had some good mimosas? Pair it with this fruity, tarty, and incredibly elegant trifle recipe for Mother’s Day.

These incredible brunch recipes will surely make your mama proud and honor them in a very special way on this very special day. Regardless of how they eat, their food preference, and their cooking styles, this recipe will surely make them feel proud as a hero mom in your life.

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