Fifteen Online Cooking Classes that are Ideal as Mother’s Day Gifts

The best part about online cooking classes is the convenience of learning new cooking techniques, knowing more ways to chop vegetables, or even more advanced ways to mince, dice, and peel onion or garlic.

But what do we like best about them? It’s the fact that we can gift them to our moms on Mother’s Day, minus the wrapping and shipping hassles. Plus, it’s more than just letting them tune in to cooking channels. They are interactive lessons where moms can enjoy cooking hearty dishes they’ve never dreamed of cooking in the kitchen.

So, where can we find online classes that our moms can have as our gifts on this special day? Here are fifteen cooking courses we can think of that will surely appeal to every mom out there.


  • Gordon Ramsay’s Masterclass
  • Wolfgang Puck’s Masterclass
  • Udemy Online Cooking Courses
  • Goldbely Live!
  • Gluten-Free Baking Academy
  • CakeFlix
  • Allrecipes
  • Rouxbe Cooking School
  • Foodist Kitchen
  • Food Network Kitchen


  • The Kitchn’s Cooking School
  • Cooking, New York Times!
  • Dinner Tonight
  • Delia Online Cookery School
  • MIT’s Kitchen Chemistry

What are we waiting for? Get the sign-up sheet and let your moms learn and enjoy the best cooking styles.

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