Building Leg & Glutes Endurance: Leg Strength & Cardio Workout

For the cardio and weight training workout enthusiasts, this workout routine will surely be to your liking. It’s perfect for traveling health enthusiasts because it only needs a bench or box and a place to run. It’s alternating cardio and lower body bodyweight exercise.

This workout aims to move throughout the entire routine with minimal rest times. It’s all about keeping yourself moving. Let’s start with running. Here is the routine:

  1. 400m run
  2. 50 steps up
  3. 400m run
  4. 50 walking lunges
  5. 400m run
  6. 50 air squats

Important notes:

  • If there is little or no space for walking lunges, you can do reverse lunges.
  • 400m runs must be done at a moderate pace. It is uncomfortable at first, but it’ll train your body and maintain it for a while.
  • The recommended approximate height of the bench or box from the ground is 20 inches. Do 2x 25 reps per leg.
  • If you cannot do 3 rounds, you can opt for at least one or two rounds of the entire routine.
  • This workout is scalable to reduce step-up reps, squats and lunges to 20-30.

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